Extensive performance through integrated and efficient management

The Comolatti Group controls some of the most modern companies in Brazil, standing out for the efficient and intelligent structure with which it manages its business, and for the seriousness and commitment it maintains with its network of customers, suppliers and partners. Among the segments in which it operates, the following stand out:


The Comolatti Group is a national reference in the aftermarket of the Brazilian automotive industry, distributing spare parts for light and heavy vehicles as well as solutions for engines, motorcycle parts, and accessories.

There are more than 150 thousand items in the portfolio, from the most desired brands in the market, supplying distribution centers strategically located throughout the country, favoring agile and efficient delivery.


As a way of encouraging and promoting the independent auto parts replacement market, the Comolatti Group works by integrating manufacturers, distributors, auto parts stores, repair shops and workshops through a specialized Associativist Network.

The goal is to generate synergy throughout the business chain, offering knowledge, information, structure, first-rate products and a series of advantages and benefits to its associates.

E-commerce B2C

Launched in 2018, E-commerce was created to further expand the sales reach of the automotive sector in the Comolatti Group.

With a complete catalog of auto parts, motorcycle parts and accessories, the virtual store has the best brands and new releases, with agility in delivery and the ease that e-commerce offers.

Financial ecosystem

Launched in 2020, PRONTO! is the exclusive financial ecosystem for the automotive sector, with its own subacquiring.

The PRONTO! enables the performance of other financial services and the use of future receivables to purchase auto parts.


In order to increase reach and offer an even more complete portfolio for the national replacement market, the Comolatti Group invested in its own brand of auto parts.

With the concept of “Original Quality”, Authomix works only with products that preserve the quality standard of the vehicle's original parts and already has a catalog with more than 4,400 products, serving light, heavy and motorcycle segments.



In the Vehicle Sales and Maintenance sector, the Comolatti Group performs operations in a large network of dealerships in Brazil, selling light, medium, semi-heavy, heavy and used trucks.

Not limited to the sale of vehicles, the network managed by the Comolatti Group offers complete infrastructure for repairs and maintenance, with mechanical, electrical, bodywork, painting and upholstery services, performed by a team of trained professionals, besides to having an extensive portfolio of original parts.


The performance of the Comolatti Group in the Real Estate sector began in the 1970s, through a company that operated in the reconstruction and preservation of natural reserves in regions of the interior of São Paulo. At the time, it managed approximately 7 million pine and eucalyptus trees.

With the Group's investment, the company merged in 1988, forming the real estate company that today manages assets of the entire Comolatti Group, besides managing, commercializing and developing innovative projects for various enterprises.


The Comolatti Group manages one of the most traditional restaurants in São Paulo, offering the public an authentic taste of Italian cuisine.

A space planned to combine entertainment and gastronomy, offering customers, besides flavors and spices of Italy, one of the most beautiful views of the city, alongside works of art and a lot of refinement.

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