A history with more than 65 years of tradition

The legacy of excellence of the Comolatti Group began to be built in 1948, when Evaristo Comolatti, an Italian immigrant, arrived in the city of São Paulo. The dream of opening a big business in the automotive segment would lead him to open in 1957, in the Mooca neighborhood, an auto parts dealership and repair shop, Evaristo Comolatti & Cia. Ltda.

The company grew, diversifying its operations and acquiring other companies, such as Sama S.A., in 1966 – which at the time was bigger than the Comolatti Group itself. Since 1988, the company has gone several internal restructurings and has continued to evolve under the leadership of Sergio Comolatti, successor to Evaristo, who took over the presidency in 1994.

Since its founding, the trajectory of the Comolatti Group has always been marked by dedication, integrity, commitment, and entrepreneurial spirit. A commitment that spanned generations and, more than 65 years later, consolidated one of the most respected groups in the Brazilian automotive sector. Tradition in excellence.

Brand evolution over the years



It was founded by Mr. Evaristo - Evaristo Comolatti & Cia Ltda., an auto parts dealer and mechanic workshop for restoring trucks, already rehearsing the first steps in the area of ​​replacement parts.


The Comolatti Group became an authorized dealer of Fábrica Nacional de Motores (FNM) and began its expansion towards the distribution of major brands in the national parts industry.


The company had a new address at Rua Ernesto de Castro, 37. The building is named after Giacomo Comolatti, a tribute to the father of Evaristo Comolatti, founder of the Group.


The Comolatti Group acquired Sama S.A, one of the largest distributors and importers of auto parts in the market, which served the entire national fleet in circulation.


Inauguration of Terraço Itália Restaurante, which is located in the building, at the time, the tallest in the capital, 165 meters high and 46 floors. The place became a postcard for São Paulo residents.


Bernina Reflorestamento (later renamed Bernina Imobiliária) was created to manage the Group's land and properties.


The Group acquired Abouchar Pneus, founded in 1927, representing the Firestone brand. The company added the Pirelli brand, with the acquisition of Pneutop, in 1986.


The Group acquired Roles, reinforcing its presence in the national aftermarket with yet another large distribution network, with a broad portfolio of aftermarket items and automotive parts.


Yet another acquisition by the Group in the aftermarket sector – RPR. With the new company, the Comolatti Group added the know-how of the motorcycle parts segment.


Arrival of Tietê Veículos to resell Volkswagen trucks and buses, providing tradition and credibility with another brand for the Group.


Sergio Comolatti, Evaristo's successor, officially assumed the presidency, starting the restructuring of the Group.


Acquisition of Laguna Autopeças, a traditional distributor and specialist in engine components, which absorbed TopCraft. Founded in 1918, it was already a reference in heavy goods.


Foundation of Cofipe Veículos, the Iveco brand concessionaire located in São Paulo, to sell the entire line of light, medium, and heavy trucks, as well as minibuses and second-hand trucks.


Launch of its own brand of auto parts with the aim of expanding its operations and providing products that preserved the quality standard of original parts.


Acquisition of Matrix, one of the most important distributors of automotive accessories in the country. Along with Sama and Laguna, the new brand would integrate the largest distribution group in Brazil, DASA.


Start of the PitStop Network, an associative network of partners in the auto parts aftermarket, integrating manufacturers, distributors, stores, engine repair shops, and mechanical workshops.


Acquisition of Pellegrino, an important parts distributor, founded in 1941 that worked with the light and heavy lines, motorcycle parts, and accessories.


Founding of Autorama, a broad and differentiated B2C e-commerce for the automotive market. The virtual store has the best brands and operates on the main marketplaces in the market.


Creation of the financial ecosystem developed to keep up with the constant evolution of technology. A payment methods fintech that serves the entire automotive segment.


Foundation of the Instituto Comolatti and celebration of 100 years of the birth of Founder Evaristo Comolatti.


Celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Comolatti Group, in addition to the beginning of the transition from the Presidency of Sergio Comolatti to his successor: Conrado Comolatti Ruivo.


Conrado Comolatti Ruivo assumes the Presidency passed by Sergio Comolatti, who led the Group for three decades.

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