The Group Comolatti

National reference in the aftermarket of the Brazilian automotive industry, the Comolatti Group completes more than 65 years of history, with the experience and tradition of those who know well each of the sectors in which it operates, from the distribution of auto parts and the sale of vehicles to haute cuisine and the real estate sector.


The basis for ethical and responsible action.


Dignity, honor and correctness to deserve everyone's trust.


Honesty and respect in any circumstances, in personal life and in work relationships.


Constant sense of initiative in the search for new ideas, new products or services and new processes, in order to increase the effectiveness of work and the satisfaction of all.


Awareness of doing the right thing, in the best possible way, with a sense of duty and responsibility.


Impartiality and correctness in business and in dealing with people, ensuring a bond of loyalty in each Group employee.


Work developed in an environment that provides happiness and peace of mind.


Comolatti Group, a brand inspired by excellence.

From the large and imposing dogs that inhabited the European Alps, the Saint Bernard breed emerged, known for the characteristic of these animals in helping people lost in the snow. In addition to locating the travellers, the dogs helped to rewarm them, with the “grapa” they carried in a mini-barrel next to their collar. An excellent sniffer, but also a docile companion.

When the Group was founded, in 1957, it brought with it the inspiration of that Saint Bernard instinct, of someone who is always ready to help, adding value to the Comolatti Group is brand. A symbol of strength, initiative, and excellence in serving.


Pillars supported by work, dedication and innovation.

The legacy of tradition of the Comolatti Group began to be built in 1957, when, in the city of São Paulo, its first business in the automotive segment was born. With time and a lot of dedication to work, the Group has been developing, acquiring new companies and starting, in 1995, a reorganization that boosted its growth phase. With improvements in operational performance, new management techniques and technologies to leverage business, the Comolatti Group has become a national reference in the segments: distribution of spare parts for light and heavy vehicles, motorcycle parts and accessories; sales and after-sales of heavy vehicles; real estate development; and entertainment and haute cuisine.


Balance between tradition and modernity.

The Comolatti Group is a traditional brand, which adds to its history excellence and quality in developing products and services. It is modern, bold and innovative, participating in the transformations of the market and society. It's smart, versatile and connected. It is an active brand, concerned with social and environmental matters, promoting actions and interactions that foster human and sustainable development.

Business Segments

The Comolatti Group controls some of the most modern companies in Brazil, standing out for the efficient and intelligent structure with which it manages its business and for the seriousness and commitment it maintains with its network of customers, suppliers, and partners. Among the segments in which it operates, the following stand out:

Parts and Accessories Distributors

Heavy Vehicle Dealerships

Auto Parts Associative Network

Real Estate development

Entertainment and Haute Gastronomy

National Presence

Through the brands and companies it manages, the Comolatti Group operates all over the country with strategically positioned branches and distribution centers, offering comprehensiveness, efficiency, and quality in products and services throughout the national territory.

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