Commitment to promoting well-being and social inclusion

The Comolatti Group created the Institute Comolatti, which includes all our Social Responsibility projects. The institute started its activities on February 8, 2022, the same date when our founder Mr. Evaristo Comolatti , celebrated his 100th birthday.

The Institute came to act mainly in the area of Education.

Among the ongoing initiatives, the institute's educacional projects focuses on providing student reinforcement in Portuguese classes, mathematics and the development of socio-emotional skills. Already at its foundation, 50 children, aged between 6 and 13, were assisted in the project.

The inauguration of the Comolatti Institute marked the beginning of a new phase for the Group, reinforcing the company's commitment to contribute to society, including and transforming people's life. including and transforming people's life. 

“We know there is much to be done, but taking this step is a way of renewing the Comolatti Group's commitment to a more egalitarian, more inclusive society. The Comolatti Institute was born with the will and collaboration of many good people, who together have an even greater power to transform.”, submits Sergio Comolatti.

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